Stussy is proud to present its latest camo pieces that feature a wide array of clothing with new camo shirts and other striking designs. The camouflage designs have been a hit ever since the early 90’s due to the cool vibe that the camo patterns bring. Bring out your inner trooper and check out the latest camo gear!!

stussy camo shirts and jackets

Stussy Camo Shirts, Jackets, and Tank Tops

The camo shirts, jackets, and tank tops from Stussy are all made with 100% quality material and draws inspiration from the classic green and brown military pattern. Blend in with style with the Stussy camo shirts and jackets. Can’t handle the heat? Cop the Stussy tank tops which will be perfect for Spring and Summer.

stussy camo shorts and pants

Stussy Camo Shorts, Pants, and Bathing Suits

More camo coming your way with Stussy camo Shorts, pants, and bathing suits. The Stussy camo shorts and pants will be the perfect complement to your camo tops but will look just as nice with other shirts as well. Look extra hot for Summer with the Stussy camo bathing suits.

stussy camo backpacks

Stussy Camo Backpacks, Bags, and Accessories

Completing the camo products are the Stussy camouflage backpacks, bags, and accessories. The Stussy camo backpacks and bags are 100% polyester woven which gives it quality and durability. It looks great with the dope camo designs and the Stussy Mfg logo. Grab some camo accessories as well that will definitely add to your camo vibe!

  • Stussy x Converse Sea Star

    Stussy x Converse Sea Star

  • Field Issue Jacket

    Field Issue Jacket

  • Creek Side Fleece Shirt

    Creek Side Fleece Shirt

  • Alpha Jacket

    Alpha Jacket

  • Systems Jacket

    Systems Jacket

  • Force Jacket

    Force Jacket

  • Force Vest

    Force Vest

  • Heather Camo Hoodie

    Heather Camo Hoodie

  • Heather Camo Crew

    Heather Camo Crew

  • Storm Camo Shirt

    Storm Camo Shirt

  • Camo No 4 Crew Sweat

    Camo No 4 Crew Sweat

  • Camo No 4 Hood Sweat

    Camo No 4 Hood Sweat

  • Camo No 4 Tee

    Camo No 4 Tee

  • Duke II Pant

    Duke II Pant

  • Herringbone Utility Pant

    Herringbone Utility Pant

  • Rugged Camo Scarf

    Rugged Camo Scarf

  • Camo Scarf

    Camo Scarf

  • Mountain Trucker Ballcap

    Mountain Trucker Ballcap

  • Fleece Camo Snapback Ballcap

    Fleece Camo Snapback Ballcap

  • Camo Web Belt

    Camo Web Belt