Make Beats Winner : Zack Sekoff
Make Beats Winner : Zack Sekoff The Stussy Make Beats Contest. is about the fun of modern music making and invited everyone to upload their original tracks for a chance to win some big prizes. We had many great submissions to the SoundCloud Stussy Make Beats Contest page and want to thank everyone for sending their beats. After narrowing down the list from over 1,700 tracks, we have finally picked a winner… Zack Sekoff!!! Congratulations Zack! You win the future release of your EP, a performance slot at a future Low End Theory event (before you're old enough to actually attend), a Teenage Engineering OP-1 portable synthesizer, a 1 year SoundCloud Pro account and a box of fresh Stussy gear!!! Here's the winning beat... Belly Beat by Zack Sekoff Name: Zack Sekoff Age: 16 years old Location: Los Angeles, California, America, Earth, the Milky Way, The Universe Previous name: I've never really gone by anything but my real name. I try to make music that represents who I am and I feel that creating a stage name makes you take a step away from honesty. But at the same time Madlib, Stevie Wonder and Flying Lotus are super honest in their art... So, I guess I'm just too indecisive to come up with a name. First beat made: I got my first computer in 5th grade and started messing around with Garageband right away. This was in '06 or '07. After the first year, by the beginning of 6th grade, I started making music that I actually like listening to. One of the first instances of that was when I chopped this Bonnie Raitt sample and pitched it up to sound like a Kanye West beat. That was one of the first tight beats I made. I still listen to it sometimes... Current setup: I use Logic because it is so similar to Garageband. I freaked Garageband to a level where I would be having problems with it and take it to the Genius Bar and they would be tripped out like, "I didn't know you could do that!" Hahah. So I switched to Logic just so I could discover more functions. Other than the software I have an M-Audio keyboard, an MPD24, a Fender Jazz Bass, lots of records, random house hold objects, some mics and a borrowed Kaossilator Pro. What makes a good beat: The drums. Period. End of story. Favorite beat makers: J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Kanye West, Madlib, Shlohmo, Jonwayne, Shafiq Husayn, Radiohead, Little Dragon, DOOM. There are too many! I know I'm leaving some out. Oh yeah, Lex Luger... Favorite beat that wasn't yours: Raid by Madlib. That was probably the first Madlib beat I had ever heard. It really gave me a whole new prospective on what beats could be. The Bill Evans sample is beautiful and then it just drops so hard! The drums have this feel to them thats unmatched in texture and rhythm. Madlib was the producer that taught me that is was okay not to be perfect! It was actually cooler to have everything loose and gritty. And the "hey, hey, heys" on the chorus... If I ever meet him, the first thing I'm going to ask him is how he made that part. It sounds like he's spinning the vinyl with his hand to change the pitch! But not scratching. Its unreal. And DOOM is icing on the cake. Favorite beat of yours: Thats like choosing a favorite child! But, this one is cool because it's different from most "beats" and I play the bass on it. beat shitt by Zack Sekoff Check out the Stussy Make Beats Contest. Make Beats Winner : Zack Sekoff