Studio Ghibli Retrospective @ TIFF Lightbox
Studio Ghibli Retrospective @ TIFF Lightbox The TIFF Lightbox, the newly constructed hub for the Toronto International Film Festival and all-around excellent theater is presenting a fantastic looking retrospective on the film of Studio Ghibli, which is regarded as the Disney of Japan. Under co-founder and director Hayao Miyazaki, whose films for Ghibli have influenced everyone from Steven Spielberg to Pixar the studio has flourished.  It's produced such classics (with American releases from Disney proper) as Spirited Away (the namesake of the exhibit, to give you an idea of how seminal it is), Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and a slew of others.  My personal favorite is the absolutely terrific air pirate movie starring an anthropomorphic cursed pig (voiced by Michael Keaton in the American release!) set in the Adriatic Sea during WW1.  It's insane and hilarious and gorgeous. The exhibition is running until April 13.  For a full list of showtimes, some backstory and more information head to and try to catch some of the movies theatrically.  Being able to see these films in such a nice theater is a real treat. -Adam Jackson