Born in 1976 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Atiba picked up his first camera in high school. With a passion for skateboarding and photography, he combined the two and started submitting photos to Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, which led to him moving out west in 1995 to pursue the “California Dream.”

Within six months, he was able to obtain a job assisting one of skateboarding’s pioneer photographers, Grant Britain, who taught him everything he needed to know about light and dodging flying skateboards. This led to a staff position at Transworld, giving him the chance to travel the world while skateboarding and taking pictures. At the same time, being a big basketball fan, Atiba was again able to score a great opportunity assisting Andrew D. Bernstein, one of the NBA’s official photographers.

Andrew taught Atiba a whole new world of lighting, capturing action, gave him valuable experience in portraiture and taught him how to be a professional. Atiba now lives in Los Angeles shooting freelance for the NBA, Slam, XXL, Nike and Es1. In 2003, Atiba resigned from Transworld and started a magazine with a group of friends called The Skateboard Mag, now on newsstands.

This virtual gallery was presented as part of the 30th anniversary Stussy x Ricoh GRIII Digital camera project.