Stussy Deluxe has partnered with photographer Jim Mangan to create a series of images that highlights pieces of its SS12 collection. Mangan marks the sixth partnership for the brand and succeeds collaborations with photographers Tyrone and Mark Lebon, Collier Schorr, Peter Sutherland, Mark Borthwick and Ari Marcopoulos. Stussy continues to invite artists to create their own spin on the inspiration of the brand while organically incorporating the product, in methods true to their fine art techniques.

Jim Mangan was born and bred in Illinois and gained tremendous buzz for two of his recent photography books Winter’s Children and Color’d. Shot over a two-day period in Utah, Mangan produced beautiful images for Stussy Deluxe, all shot on 35mm film, that feature a model fully painted in pigmented bear fat, a technique and theme he used in Color’d. Mangan describes the images as having, “a really cool mystical vibe that’s meant to encourage the audience to question the material.” And adds that he is “honored to be chosen by a brand I used to wear in the 80′s and have a huge amount of respect for.” This marks the first commercial project for Mangan.

The Stussy Deluxe Spring 2012 collection will be available on Friday, March 9th at and Stussy Chapter Stores.