Original Stussy International Tribe member Alex “Baby” Turnbull jumps in front of the lens for the Stussy Deluxe Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook. An ex-skater born and bred in London, Alex is a drummer and percussionist for the infamous sound experimentalists 23 Skidoo and founded one of the UK’s first hip-hop labels Ronin Records, along with his brother Johnny.

His journey on the wheels of steel began back in 1983 and since that time Alex has become one of London’s most recognized and well-respected DJs. Not limited to just skate and music, Alex’s martial arts skills were displayed (he has studied the art form for over 30 years) on a special tee called Secret Technique Keeper, produced by Stussy NY in 2001. His history with Stussy and the Tribe runs back to the early days when he was introduced to Shawn Stussy by former creative director, Paul Mittleman. In fact, it was Shawn who came up with the DJ moniker ‘Alex Baby’ which was inspired by an early mixtape Alex sent him. “Stussy is the blueprint for modern day streetwear,” says Turnbull. “They were the first to sponsor and support musicians and artists.”

These days you can find Alex behind the lens as a filmmaker. His new film titled Beyond Time is a documentary about the history of post war modern art viewed through the life and work of his father pioneering British Modernist, William Turnbull. The film features a soundtrack by 23 Skidoo and is narrated by actor Jude Law.

The Stussy Deluxe Spring 2012 collection is available now at Stussy.com and Stussy Chapter Stores.