The Stussy Make Beats Contest is about the fun of modern music making. Whether you’re a beat-maker, rapper, DJ or listener, this contest combines the creative aspect of making music with the fan’s point of view all tied together with some fresh tees and hats. The contest will be judged by Stussy, Low End Theory and Swedish synthesizer company, Teenage Engineering, who produced a new drum machine/synthesizer/beat maker called the OP-1. The OP-1 brings it back to the days of drum machines like the 808, when making beats meant banging them out on a machine. In the music world today, it’s rare for a company to develop a piece of hardware, because most people use their computer to make beats. Here’s a beat made by Stussy on a flight from London to New York using Ableton Live:

The Make Beats contest was open to everyone around the globe from 8/31/11 to 9/14/11 and invited the public to make a beat and upload their own original tracks (made on any machine/computer) via the Stussy Make Beats group on SoundCloud. All beats had to be submitted by 9/14/11 to be considered for the contest. The winner will be chosen by a committee from Stussy, Low End Theory and Teenage Engineering and announced in November (sorry for the delay but we received almost 1,700 submissions and we had to listen to each one). Contest rules include one entry per artist, who can use anything to make an ORIGINAL instrumental beat, at least 2 minutes in length. Participants just had to make a beat and upload to enter the contest. The winner will receive the release of their EP, paid travel to Los Angeles to perform at the Low End Theory event, a Teenage Engineering OP-1 portable synthesizer, a 1 year SoundCloud Pro account and a box of fresh Stussy gear.


Check out all of the best beats on the Stussy Make Beats Group on Soundcloud.

Stussy Make Beats SoundCloud Contest

Thanks to everyone who submitted! Good luck, have fun and MAKE BEATS!!!

The Stussy Make Beats, Play Records and Write Rhymes tees and hats are available now at and Stussy Chapter Stores.

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