Beat Makers: Exile
Beat Makers: ExileThe Stussy Make Beats Contest is about the fun of modern music making and invites everyone to upload their original tracks for a chance to win some big prizes. We've already had many great submissions to the SoundCloud Stussy Make Beats Contest page and wanted to interview some of our favorite beat makers to see how they got started, what equipment they currently use and what they feel makes a good beat.  First up... Exile!!! Bio: At an early age, Exile learned to play the accordion while living in his grandfather's garage only seeing his father from time to time. Exile's father was experimenting with drugs so he left to live with his mother and sister in a 2 bedroom, section 8 apartment with no car and only enough food welfare checks and food stamps would buy. It was during these times that he sought refuge in music. At the age of 18, Exile met then 16 year old rapper Aloe Blacc and began recording songs on a four track and selling many albums with their music on one side and a mix tape on the other. Together they formed Emanon and have been making music ever since. The two later met then 19 year old rapper Blu who started to workwith Exile on his solo effort, Dirty Science, with tracks featuring artists ranging from Slum Village, MED to Ghostface Killa. Right after their first studio session, the two started to talk about an album together, later making the critically acclaimed classic Blu and Exile's "Below The Heavens." After production work with Mobb Deep, Jurassic 5, Akon and Snoop Dogg, he continues to excel in the art with instrumental projects coming out later this year, another Blu album, another Emanon LP and a few surprises guaranteed to catch people off guard. Keep your ears open. Exile has just begun. Name: Exile Previous names: I was writing graffiti back then and I wanted my graffiti name to be the same as my DJ name but the name Damage didn't fit. Baby Huey wasn't cutting it either. Two of my previous names Snow Spin and Turntable Terrorizer Timebomb or DJ 3T were just god awful. So long time graffiti friend Braile from LTS gave me the name Exile. It's a dope graff name and DJ name. Group affiliations: Crews KOG, SMC, LTS, Emanon and DreamSequence. First beat made: The first beat I made was in my room using 1 turntable and 2 tape decks (pre internet). I was determined to figure out how cats made beats. On one tape, I would press record and scratch in two bar segments of a "Tom Tom Club" song called "Genius Of Love." I would leave 2 bars blank after each 2 bars with music. Then, after recording for 3 minutes or so, I would take out the tape and put it in the other tape player. Then press play on the tape with the 2 bar scratches on it while recording on another tape. I would fill in the gaps with another two bars and bam my first loop! I would then take the tape with the loop and repeat the process to add more sounds. I could do this process as much as I wanted on one tape. I had infinite tracks, the only thing was that it would create a lot of tape hiss. The song was never used for anything but it was amazing to figure out how to create beats without help from any outside sources. Current setup: Now I use an MPC-2000 and turntables. Not too far from how I first did it. I use keyboards here and there as well. What makes a good beat: What makes a good beat is a good ear. You could make a beat and be all gassed on yourself and then play it for your boy and he hates it. You need to be honest with yourself as your making the beat and ask yourself if you like it. If you know what type of beat you like, then take that same ear to your music and see if you like what you hear and if you truly do, then chances are the beat is good. Favorite beat makers: Marley Marl, Matronix, DJ Slip, Madlib, J Dilla, No I.D., Knxledge, Samiyam, Hudson Mohawk, Flying Lotus. Favorite beat that wasn't yours: "Ice" by Jaylib. Favorite beat of yours: "Pearly Gates" by Mobb Deep. Check out the Stussy Make Beats Contest Make Beats