Stussy Roots | On the BBC
Every once in a while the past comes back to remind you of who you are. Many things have changed since this video was made, especially the fit of of those baggy pants, but one thing that hasn't is our need for a Tribe. It is the most enduring concept of the Stussy heritage and something that still runs strong today. It coulda been a posse, it coulda been a crew.. It's definitely a group of people. It's an International Tribe. It's friends in all those cities. Shawn Stussy All of the Stussy footage in this spot came from our UK Tribe member James Lebon who left us in in late 2008. Alex Turnbull sent over these kind words in remembrance of all that James did for us. James ‘Super Slick’ Lebon aka Lord James International Stussy Tribe - London Chapter James Lebon was straight up XXXL. The nicest, coolest guy you could ever know. A bona fide legend amongst the post-punk generation in West London, his reputation preceeded him. From Buffao Boy to The International Stussy Tribe Original Charter member. With his male model looks and characteristic drawl, James’s legacy is as a pioneer of modeling, hairdressing, videomaking and style iconography in general. His early video work for TakeThat, Right Said Fred, Bomb The Bass and Mantronix would usher in the future tone for low cost, innovative film making. This footage from ‘The Look’ draws exclusively on material he shot as film maker in chief for the IST. James's beauty was he treated everyone with the same love and respect. From director to doorman. One Love. Ever enthusiastic and supportive, James’s cool came from within. It was not a superficial sheen . It shone brightly. He only spoke from the heart. His tragic death ripped a huge artery from our tribal brotherhood, but his spirit lives on through his wife Moni,his sons Tien and Sen and all of us who were blessed to know him Rest In Peace My Brother, Alex Turnbull aka Alex Baby Secret Technique Keeper IST - London Chapter