Q: What medium or mediums do you work with?
A: Pencils crayons, ink, acrylics.

Q: Do you work with any specific styles or subject matter?
A: I’m really into text right now. I like playing around with common phrases. I’ll write them out and then re-write them a different way. Sometimes it’s fun to just write letters that don’t spell anything, I can’t fully explain it. I’ve always been interested in word puzzles, anagrams, things like that.


Q: How do you get ideas to create a piece? What inspires you?
A: I often eavesdrop conversations and write down things I over hear. If something funny or awkward or embarrassing happens I’ll make sure to make a note about it.


Q: Are there any artists that have influenced you and why?
A: Jim Henson – his work on the Ninja Turtles movie, The Muppets, Sesame Street, Labyrinth, everything he did was on another level and still stands up today. Tauba Auerbach – when I started to get interested in words and text I came across her work and discovered she had already done everything I wanted    to do. David Shrigley – often imitated, never duplicated.

Q: Do you have any formal training or are you self taught?
A:I have a bachelors of media arts degree (whatever that means), I studied film, and I worked for Electronic Arts as a graphic designer.


Q: Why do you think it is important to have events like Pow Wow?
A: Any time there’s something that brings people together in a positive way (inside or outside of art) it’s a good thing. I also think its important just to get off the computer and go out and see something, go to a show where the bass shakes my whole body, real visceral experiences. The internet is killing first-hand experiences so now people will only go do these things if they’re sure that actually being there will trump staying in and watching a video of it. Sometimes I go to an empty art show and just stare at the wall and it’s the same experience I could have had online. What I like about Pow Wow is that it’s not just about looking at art on the wall, it’s about community. I think Jasper’s goal for Pow Wow is to grow the art community in Hawaii and he’s doing it by connecting people together and fostering relationships. I’m stoked to meet a whole bunch of new people and catch up with friends I met here last year.

Q: How does being in a setting such as Hawaii affect your artwork?
A: I think just being around so many talented people gets me pumped to be creative. That’s the best feeling, sometimes when you’re on your own you can get in a funk where you aren’t stoked on what you’re doing. So it’s a great vibe, everyone’s there for the same reasons and you feed off each other.

Q: Where can people find you and other works that you have done?
A: I post my work here: http://www.jeffhamada.com
And I post other people’s work here: http://www.booooooom.com