The Lebon family has held down the Stussy Tribe for over 20 years now.

Ever since James Lebon (Tyrone’s Uncle) first connected with the brand in the 1980s they have been at the core of Stussy in the UK connecting friends, capturing images and fueling the scene with their endless creative energy.

For Fall 2013, Tyrone captures his friends and family at his home Studio in South London and continues the tradition of timeless imagery with a very personal and honest series of portraits.

The Fall 2013 collection is available now at The collection will be available at Stussy Chapter Stores on Saturday, August 17th.

  • Big Raised S Snapback Ballcap

    Big Raised S Snapback Ballcap

  • Classic Bucket Hat

    Classic Bucket Hat

  • Classic Pom-Pom Beanie

    Classic Pom-Pom Beanie

  • Stussy Lux Camp Cap

    Stussy Lux Camp Cap

  • Stussy Baseball Shirt

    Stussy Baseball Shirt

  • Crown Oxford Shirt

    Crown Oxford Shirt

  • U.S. Camo Shirt

    U.S. Camo Shirt

  • Dot Hoodie

    Dot Hoodie