Beat Makers: Tyler, The Creator
Beat Makers: Tyler, The CreatorPhotography: Jeff Potocar The Stussy Make Beats Contest is about the fun of modern music making and invites everyone to upload their original tracks for a chance to win some big prizes. We had many great submissions to the SoundCloud Stussy Make Beats Contest page and wanted to interview some of our favorite beat makers to see how they got started, what equipment they currently use and what they feel makes a good beat. Now with... Tyler, The Creator!!! Bio: OFWGKTA Name: Tyler, The Creator Previous name: Ace, Wolf Haley From OFWGKTA, Dat Golf Wang Nigguh! First beat made: My First Beat I Remember Making Was Called "Reverse" And It Was On FL (Fruity Loops) Studio. I Was 12 Years Old. Current setup: Well, Reason And Logic With A Shitty MIDI Keyboard. Soon Enough I'm Gonna Start Using Actual Equipment. What makes a good beat: CHORDS! I Love Them Shits. But Over All The Mood, Some Songs Make Me Want To Hit Girls In The Face And Some Makes Me Want To Start Gardens. Favorite beat makers: The Neptunes Are My Favorite Producers Of All Fucking Time. Favorite beat that wasn't yours: Too Many To Name, But At The Moment, "Life As A Fish" By N.E.R.D. Is Amazing. Favorite beat of yours: "Drunk" By Domo Genesis. The Beats I Did For His "Rolling Papers" Sound Like Purple Screw Tape Shit At One Point To Me Then To A Tommy Hilfiger Country Club. I Love The Strings... Domo Genesis - Drunk featuring Mike G produced by Tyler, The Creator by Stussy Check out the Stussy Make Beats ContestBeat Makers: Tyler, The Creator