Beat Makers: Left Brain
Beat Makers: Left Brain Photography: Jeff Potocar The Stussy Make Beats Contest is about the fun of modern music making and invites everyone to upload their original tracks for a chance to win some big prizes. We had many great submissions to the SoundCloud Stussy Make Beats Contest page and wanted to interview some of our favorite beat makers to see how they got started, what equipment they currently use and what they feel makes a good beat. Next up... Left Brain!!! Bio: OFWGKTA Tumblr: Name: Vyron aka Left Brain Previous name: Mellow Group affiliations: Odd Future, MellowHype First beat made: First beat I made on FL Studio 5, at my mom's house... I was like 15... It was a techno beat. I never did anything with it but it would probably be a hot song nowadays. Current setup: I just have Reason 5 on my laptop and my M-Audio MIDI controller. What makes a good beat: Logic makes a good beat. And sequences. Favorite beat makers: My favorite beat makers are Ace Creator and Jazzy Pha. Favorite beat that wasn't yours: Favorite beat that ain't mine is "Born 2 Be a Soldier" by Mystikal. Favorite beat of yours: "Transylvania" by Tyler The Creator. Check out the Stussy Make Beats Contest. Beat Makers: Left Brain